Learning Management System

Learning Management System

E-Three is an intuitive, easy to manage, user-friendly and cost-effective solution of the Learning Management System. This solution organizes work rapidly and systematically for administration, archives, security, documentation, online seminars, workshops and e-learning programs. E-Three is a powerful and scaleable Learning Management platform developed to deliver a totally integrated and effective learning experience. Designed to meet the challenges of the future by empowering learners to develop new skills and share knowledge, this platform promises ease of use and flexibility in learning.

If it's incredible features are compared vis-à-vis the product cost, it is certainly the Best value LMS for learning and training purposes in small as well as medium businesses, corporations and educational institutions. E-Three consists of various modules that enable institutes/ colleges to impart education via electronic media, collaborate and communicate with fellow students and teachers, conduct online exam and assignments, maintain and store records and various other activities. Besides, there is nil effort required for installation procedures as our technical team works round the clock and makes the task easy for you and gets your work started in less than a week’s time.

Basic LMS Services (student, teacher accounts and course management)

Basic LMS service is the base platform or an online environment, where teachers & students can login and collaborate online, either synchronous or asynchronous. This base platform hosts accounts for each individual users. Users are granted respective rights depending on their roles, like administrator, teacher, student, course coordinator, guest etc. Teachers can create their courses and students can enroll for the courses. Enrollment for the courses can be controlled, which allows maintaining confidentiality in different programs offered simultaneously.

Courses can be presented in a weekly schedule. Various information resources related to the topic can be linked with the course, for students to pursue. Different engagement activities like lesson, forum, quiz, survey etc. can also be added. Links of other modules like news, events, other activities, blogs etc. are also available for enhanced accessibility. Depending upon the user role, basic administration options are also provided so that respective user can customize suitable accessibility options.

Basic collaboration (email, messages, forums, chat, blogs, wiki)

Basic LMS service has some basic collaboration tools like, messaging, chat, forums, blogs, wiki etc. With these tools teachers and students can collaborate on the various topics and subjects. Tools like messaging & chat enable real time communication between online participants, where tools like blogs & forums, serve as an effective platform to share thoughts descriptively and discussions on the course topics. These collaboration and communication tools enable synchronous or asynchronous interaction between teacher & students and between students as well.

Course Creation

Providing learning resources in organized and stepwise manner helps students assimilate the knowledge properly. Teachers need to present the course topics in hierarchical manner, starting from basic topics to advance topics. Course creation option in LMS allows teachers to break their course in topics or modules distributed over certain time period. This also helps to conduct assessment of students on each finished topic or module to evaluate their understanding of the subject.

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