Firefox Extension Development

Just like Google Chrome, Firefox also has extensions referred as “Add-ons”. The Firefox extensions/Add-ons also provide added advantage and functionality to the browser. How do Firefox extensions enhance the browsing experience? You can develop extensions for a variety of tasks such as blocking advertisements, videos downloading, enhanced integration with social networking websites etc. the extensions are available for free for the users, so at the end if a user downloads your specific extension then it leads to the popularity of your product or service.

We thereby help you develop the appropriate extension as is desired by you. We develop extensions using XUL. XUL is XML based language that is useful for building such applications. We develop customized graphics and layout using XUL.

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Our Clientele

  • Red Cross
  • AICC - Official Website of Congress Party
  • AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • IBM daksh
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • GSK - Glaxo Smith Kline
  • Delhi University
  • Indian Institute of Technology - IIT
  • Jaypee group of 5 star hotels
  • British High commission
  • more...