E-Fax Services

E-fax service is also referred to as Internet fax or online fax service wherein any an exact copy of the document can be easily sent using an Internet rather than employing the conventional fax machine. With computers installed almost everywhere, it is then debatable as to why the need for e-fax services when the same document can be scanned and sent by an email.

So, for sending documents quickly at locations (where there are no computers) and that too with out the installation of a separate fax machine the same task can be accomplished.

    Benefits of using e-fax services over conventional fax services:
  • No additional costs required for hardware or fax machine installation or softwares. Fax can be sent via Internet
  • No need for a fixed telephone line
  • No extra charges incurred for sending and receiving faxes as in the conventional fax machines
  • Communication is integrated with email and hence does not require wastage of paper
  • Reduced communication costs
  • Secure information transfer as compared to traditional fax machines
  • Several faxes can be sent or received at a time

Your business will certainly benefit using our e-Fax services. For availing information on our e-fax services please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to serve you with the requisite information.



Our Clientele

  • Red Cross
  • AICC - Official Website of Congress Party
  • AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • IBM daksh
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • GSK - Glaxo Smith Kline
  • Delhi University
  • Indian Institute of Technology - IIT
  • Jaypee group of 5 star hotels
  • British High commission
  • more...