The Union Jack Club

The Union Jack Club
The Union Jack club is a private member club open to employees of the British High Commission. It has a bar, restaurant, and shop as well as catering for events within the BHC community.

Before making the Club fully automated, there were countless issues that the Club was struggling with like :

  • There was no stock control on items
  • They were using excel for maintaining employee’s data, rota, overtime, stock, etc.
  • There were lot of human errors in terms of stock count, bill generation, charging bill to wrong member unwillingly, etc.
  • There was no option to generate business intelligence reports for better business decisions, analysing, planning, improving member and employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, increasing revenues and reducing overhead costs etc.
  • Members were getting their monthly bills a month later after actual date and because of that Club was receiving late payments
  • There were instances when members have closed their membership account without paying the bills as there was no track record of unpaid payments

We have developed and deployed different software applications to automate Club functioning and efficiency. Below are the modules that we have integrated in BHC Club :

  • Membership Management System
  • Point of Sale Billing System for Shop, Restaurant & Bar
  • Inventory Management System
  • Stock Management System
  • HR Management System
  • Basic accounting Software
  • Web Portal for viewing itemize monthly bills of members and archive statements
  • Costa Coffee (Integrated Point of Sale System)
  • Emailing system to send monthly bills to members
  • Members are getting their bills on time which in return increasing member satisfaction and payment on time
  • There is proper stock control of items with stock availability and alerts on low stock
  • Increase in employee productivity and club revenues
  • Accuracy in data, reports, billing and stock etc.
  • Time and money saved
  • Able to track defaulters and send email reminders for due payment
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