Who we are

Technology has evolved impressively over the last 20 years. It would be a nightmare to imagine life without Google or Wi-Fi or Smart phones, yet these were in their initial development stages when ITindustries.com was established in 1997. As there was no big brand like Google, we have to struggle really hard in understanding and convincing clients how the technology can improve and optimize their business processes.

We come from humble beginnings. Our first project was making a software live on internet for a Travel Company, and at that time there was no always on internet connection, there were dial up connections which used to give the speed of 2-4 Kbps. Nowadays, a broadband connection at your home or office premises can upload or download a file at 1 Gbps.

Earlier when we have started, there was no USB flash drive, only DVDs and rewritable CDs were hitting the market at that time. These technologies were the only source of data storage. Now people has the access to store data on Google drive, Apple iCloud and Dropbox etc. In forthcoming years, Scientists are claiming that all the world’s data can fit on a DNA hard drive the size of a capsule.

After initial tussle of some years, our dream come true when we bought our first office in 2000. Now we own three offices in India and associate offices overseas.

Corporate Social Responsibility
A Paperless Company

We make every effort to exercise CSR and promote environmental sustainability, societal change and ethical business practices. From past 20 years, we have maintained us as a paperless company. As part of our commitment to create a paperless-oriented society, our utility bills, client’s invoices, income tax filing, project reports and other documents are raised and stored electronically. This saves a lot of paper and increase efficiency, a cleaner environment and positive societal change.

“IT from Home” – A work from home initiative

We have launched “IT from Home” initiative for our women employees 12 years ago. This initiative allows our women employees to work from home at their ease. They don’t have to travel for work.
This initiative has given us tremendous results in terms of work productivity, efficiency, project deliverability, time flexibility, self-motivation and personal development. Hence, we have taken this initiative forward, implementing it at our offices for both men and women employees.

Open Culture & Co-working, keys for today’s Business success

Nowadays open culture and co-working have become the new normal as they have totally changed the perspective about work in today’s era. An open work environment recognizes an employee’s desire for work-life balance, enhance learning opportunities, work flexibility & efficiency and even reinforces the connection between the company and employee. Research shows that people who use coworking spaces are more effective, focused, productive and confident due to the coworking environment it creates.

Why Choose Us

Our aim is to pursue continuous quality improvement in all our activities and to provide the highest standards of service to our clients through:

  • The introduction and maintenance of a quality assurance management system, which meets with the requirements of our quality policy.
  • Setting the highest standards possible that meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of all customers and clients. Continuously ascertaining the needs of our clients and monitoring our success in fulfilling them.
  • To provide an open style of management which provides sufficient information and support to encourage and promote technically advanced solutions, which will ensure the organization is recognized as market leader.
  • It is a general requirement that all employees, sub-contractors, consultants, joint venture partners and the like, who provide services for, or on behalf of Web Designs & Domains Solutions be aware of and adhere to our quality systems and procedures.
  • The encouragement and provision of training for continuous employee development.
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