2D and 3D Animation Services

Welcome to Web Designs & Domains Studios. We are a company of creative directors and Animators using digital techniques along with traditional artistry to produce content for Films, TV serials, Commercials & Interactive Programming.


Web Designs & Domains is a full fledged studio offering services engaged in media and content services, decidedly entered into the ever-growing animation / postproduction industry, to deliver top-rate services. Considering the complex nature of media world, it is our innovative idea to make this organization as a one-stop-shop for animation services. We provide services of all kinds in a suitably packaged way to considerably reduce your cost and time.


The highly talented people who possess exemplary track record will be working on your project. Within a short span of time, the unrelenting quest to deliver world-class animation service lifted us to the top spot and made us a most sought-after destination in the world of animation. We assure you for our wholehearted cooperation to present you quality services as are required by you.


Our complete range of digital effects services includes special effects, 2D & 3D animation, cell animation, title design, compositing and much more. Web Designs & Domains Studios has provided quality visual effects to independent producers and directors for commercials, film, TV series, music videos, corporate films, Interactive Games and other features based on Sports & Entertainment.


No matter how fantastic your dreams of characters, plots and settings may be, we can bring them to life. Our business is to make your dreams a reality. We cover a wide range of activities including, content creation on work- for -hire basis, production of 3D animated feature films, documentaries, TV Serials for the world market, and joint production of animation for large studios & media production house.


Our clients can have instant access to a mature and cost-effective offshore production facility and we believe that we will be able to execute 3D animation production projects at 60% of the production cost in the US while maintaining the same level of quality.

  • Concept Creation / Concept Development
  • Story Analysis / Script Writing
  • Storyboarding and Animatics
  • Character Designing
  • Miniature Modeling
  • Matte Painting
  • VFX Supervision
  • Compositing
  • Miniature and Mechanical Effects Execution
  • Non-Linear Editing
  • Scanning, Recording and Tape transfers
  • Game Content Creation
  • Programming
  • Format Conversion

Animation Services

  • Character Designing
  • Classic Animation
  • Semi-Limited Animation
  • Limited Animation
  • Digital Ink and Paint
  • 2D SFX

  • Character Modeling
  • Sets / Props Modeling
  • Key Frame Animation
  • Motion Capture Animation
  • Compositing
  • 3D SFX
Interactive Multimedia Services

Content Preparation


Web Designs & Domains – Experience & Delivery Capabilities

Web Designs & Domains - Experience & Delivery Capabilities

  • 3D modeling, animation and rendering.
  • Character animation, facial animation, lip-synching.
  • 2D graphics, digital video editing, image processing, compositing.
  • Motion capture, 3D digitizing, input devices.
  • Broadcast graphics, interactive television, streaming media, web graphics.
  • Simulation, real-time graphics, VR, performance animation.
  • Visual effects, TV and film production, electronic games, LBE.
  • Virtual prototyping, computer-aided design, engineering visualization
The skills of the resource pool include

Alias / Wavefront Maya Complete, Maya Unlimited, XSI Essential, XSI Advanced, 3D Studio Max & its Plugs-ins + Character Studio, Amazon 3D paint, 3D Equalizer, Discreet Combustion Shake/Cineon/After Effects/Combustion & its plugins, Lightwave 3D, Elastic Reality, Inferno, Side Effects, Houdini, US Animation, Discrete Logic Combustion, Adobe After Effects, Digital Fusion, Toll Book Asymetrix, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere, Protools and Flash.

Our full fledged animation cum post-production studio offering services

Consultation - SFX, computer graphics for movies, tele-serials, games & video albums.
*Pre-production - scripting, visualization, background designing, character designing & story boarding.
*Production - background modeling, character modeling & animation.
*Post-production - SFX & composting for movies, scanning, recording & editing,
3D CGI modeling, animation and photo realistic Rendering & Compositing.

Our present capacity is as under

* 20 realistic human character models & around 22 minutes of Animation per month.

* 1 Episode of around 22 minutes every month.

* Around 45 minutes of animation series every month.

Being based in India we offer quality work at about 1/4th or 1/5th the cost of production in the US & Canada. We are looking for overseas studios to work as co-production or sub-contracting partners -or their projects on 3D , 2D & Flash Animation.

Our Clientele

  • Red Cross
  • AICC - Official Website of Congress Party
  • AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • IBM daksh
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • GSK - Glaxo Smith Kline
  • Delhi University
  • Indian Institute of Technology - IIT
  • Jaypee group of 5 star hotels
  • British High commission
  • more...